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This page is where you can show off your pets, tell us how you came to give them a home, or publish any relevant information regarding the care and well-being of animals in general.

Information on how to emergency treat pet poisoning in Cyprus (please click)

We recently took charge of a beautiful Golden Retriever (probably) puppy named Boss thanks to Angela from Kiti.

Angela found Boss along with his 6 brothers and sisters abandoned, in a box, at the side of the road at the age of about 2 days in the village of Kiti, just outside Larnaca at the beginning of February this year.  She took them home and nurtured these little mites with a lot of love and compassion and when they were old enough she began the arduous task of finding good homes for them with loving families. 

We were lucky enough to be chosen by her to take on the continuing care of Boss, a lively, now 16 week old bundle of joy and love, who we hope will be with us for many years to come.  We feel privileged to have Boss as part of our family as we have done with all the dogs we have loved in the past, especially Toby and Rex.

I will ask Angela to fill in some of the details about how she managed with these beautiful puppies and hope to publish her story very soon.

I just want to say a big thank you to Angela in this public forum, even though I have said it privately. I would also like to thank Dr. Tasos Kefalas of Paralimni for his extremely professional care and attention to the well-being of all the puppies.

Boss at 8 weeks
new to our home.

Boss at about 12 weeks
and growing fast.

Boss at 14 weeks
pleased to see Daddy home

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